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gift guide: for the designerd

Have a graphic designer, illustrator, web designer, or other geeky "designer type" in your life? I know we're not the easiest to shop for ... here's a gift guide with a few faves that are sure to please your designerd! (Psssttt ... Santa ... anything on this list would be super for me, too).

(1) Mnemosnyne Notebook from Sam Flax South $13.50 -- because we never stop sketching   (2) West Elm Hare Snow Globe $29  --  because we prefer our holidays without dancing Santas  (3) Helvetica Coffee Mug from Veer $18  -- we'll chuckle every time we caffeinate  (4) Linnea's Lights Blue Agave Candle from Dreamy $28  -- because we share our studio with men & it could smell better around here (5) Nelly Script Flourish font by Tart Workshop $39  -- because this is missing from the 2,297 fonts we own (6) Vosges Haut Chocolat Mini Exotic Candy Bar Library $25  -- no explanation needed  (7) Sense and Sensibility Penguin Classics Hardover by Jane Austen (or any of these gorgeous editions) $13.60  -- because when we're done re-reading these classics the books will make excellent props  (8) Membership to Museum of Contemporary Art (like MCASD) $varies  -- because sometimes we could use an afternoon off and a little inspiration  (9) Mr. and Mrs. Kate Spade Champagne Saucers from Macy's $75  -- because some jobs require a proper toast  (10) Slice Precision Cutter by Karim Rashid $6.99  -- because we're sick of looking for fresh blades  (11) Chanel eyeglasses $varies  -- because if we must wear glasses they certainly must be chic  (12) Uppercase magazine $18 one issue or $130 subscription -- because we truly heart design.

Pssstt ... Santa ... it's me again ... I have been a very good designerd all year long ... and I would really love a new camera because mine is broken. Pretty please.

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I have #3 and I love it!!! Great collection Erika! I'm forwarding this to my husband. ;)

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