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new delphine ink color: apricot

We've just added eight new ink colors to the Delphine ink palette on our website! Introducing one of my favorites: APRICOT. It looks oh so lovely paired with "classic" Delphine inks:celedon green, ciel bleu, cantaloupe and sand. It's so summery and beachy. But guess what? I'm working on a holiday card with the ink, too!I like the retro vibe the color palette has.

Credits, top image: Cucumber Soap, Mor Cosmetics; Straw Bag, J. Crew; Striped cardigan, Old Navy; Apricot necklace, J. Crew.

Photo in Delphine photo card (Holiday Rose) courtesy of Jessica Davis Photography.


in the press: classic tea party bridal shower

Many thanks to sweet Cyd for posting all about the classic tea party bridal shower that Adrianne Smith and I designed (beautifully shot by Jennifer Dery Photography). Please pop over to The Sweetest Occasion to read about our little adventure.

I used our new Charleston Stitch design for the invitations in our mai tai and dull silver inks.

Our sweet stir sticks add a pop of color to the table. And mmmm, those Cupcake Love cupcakes were so pretty and delicious.

I love the sweet tendrils in the centerpiece Adrianne Smith designed. So romantic, the dahlias and roses mixed together!

You can see loads more photos and read all about the inspiration on The Sweetest Occasion.

Special thanks to everyone who helped make this shoot possible. Especially Jennifer Dery, who was able to capture the romantic spirit so perfectly with her amazing eye.


EVENT DESIGN and STYLING: Adrianne Smith ( and Erika Firm (

PHOTOGRAPHY: Jennifer Dery,

CUPCAKES: Cupcake Love,

FLOWERS: Adrianne Smith Floral Design,

GIFTS: Dreamy,



VINTAGE PROPS: Sainte Béatrice,


three pretty flowers for summer (and fall) weddings

+++ POP QUIZ +++

Q: What do these flowers have in common?

a. they bloom in time for late summer and fall weddings

b. they are grown in the usa

c. they are all the same genus

d. all of the above

These are some seriously gorgeous flowers. The answer is d: all of the above. They are all Dahlias, and they're grown in Portland, Oregon by one guy, Mark Harvey, of Old House Dahlias. In fact, he grows more than 175 different types of them. Who says Spring brides have to get all the nice flowers? Dahlias are an absolutely gorgeous choice for wedding flowers in late summer and fall. They can get quite large and are pretty sturdy (they are tuberous), so they are a great choice for the heat of late summer and early fall weddings. Just a few stems can really add some delicious color to your wedding table.


color overload: bouganvellia

Good morning! I was skimming through photos last night trying to make some space on my hard drive and came across this luscious bouganvellia. I spotted it in Venice, California last month while I was in town visiting friends. Just imagine the secret garden beyond those walls. Don't you love the hot pink paired with the ageing celedon green? Reminds me of the Florida Keys.

photo: Erika Firm; delphine


sneak peek: formaggio & dolce wedding

Here's the final of the three inspiration shoots I did with Adrianne Smith and Jennifer Dery last week. While the sweet pink garden tea party is, well, sweet, and the retro rockabilly tailgate party was super fun (champagne in a can! what can be better?) this Italian-inspired "Formaggio & Dolce" (cheese and sweets) shoot was hands down my favorite. From the chic, muted, tone on tone color palette to the vintage found objects to the stunning (STUNNING) cafe au lait dahlias and arrangements, to the impossibly delicious cheeses from Dolce, this "faux" party turned into a real party as soon as the sun went down. I'm so excited to share the photos, but you'll have to be patient while we wait for publication elsewhere (details to be announced on publication of all three shoots).


love: faux floral boutonnieres

While there is nothing quite like a gorgeous fresh flower, I quite like this idea of faux floral boutonnieres. Aren't these lovely? I spotted them on Etsy, by The One Happy Girl. I don't see why you can't have lush fresh floral arrangements and timeless details like these "faux fresh" lovelies. It's little bits like this, I believe, that define an event, agreed? 


plum wedding details

I'm constantly amazed by the incredible talent on Etsy. Don't you love this ranunculus necklace by BlushEnvy? I love the gorgeous deep pink colors. Would look lovely for an "aubergine dream" or plum wedding. Can you believe the necklace is made of paper? Really, it is! I think it would be a gorgeous accessory for a black tie wedding. I see it paired with a lovely, elegant heirloom organza J.Crew wedding gown and a classic and romantic ribbon rosette clutch in dark iris.

Add some extra chic details, like a short bird cage veil from Brenda's Bridal Veils (another Etsy score), and the look really comes together. For a finishing touch, exquisite diamond jewelry. I found the emerald cut diamond wedding ring and the pretty teardrop earrings on


summer yellows

Technically, these are spring flowers ... but they always remind me of summer. I love yellow ranunculus.

photo by: erika firm



haute off the press: sunflora greeting

Haute off the press: our new Sunflora "hello" card. It's flat printed. Cute, huh? Not shown here, but it opens up and the same pattern is in the corners of the card. I was trying to recall my grandmother Bea's patio furniture from the late 70s when I designed this. I think her furniture was goldenrod yellow, with a similar pattern. 

The card is not up on the site for sale just yet, but let me know if you want to order. Single card: $4; set of 8 cards: $16. Plus shipping.


spring in the air

It's a sure sign of Spring when the California Poppies are in bloom.


in the press: backyard bliss

A few months ago Mary Noble and Adrianne Smith called me needing a bit of help with some menus for an Exquisite Weddings photo shoot. Of course I was happy to design something for them. Timing was critical, so I hand delivered the menus to the location -- the beyond gorgeous Rancho Valencia Resort, which is just down the road from my house in Rancho Santa Fe, California.

I have worked with Mary and Adrianne before, and I know that they are two super talented ladies, but nothing prepared me for the beauty of their tableaux. I felt like I walked into the set of a beautiful movie -- the story of an exquisite, warm, wonderful wedding. Every detail was gorgeous, thoughtful, pretty, and perfect. Mary even "sacrificed" a bottle of real champagne so the set would have those tiny little bubbles that are so dear to her (and my) heart.

You can see more photos in the new issue of Exquisite Weddings magazine. Here are some of the details from the shoot:
Table Designers: Mary Noble, Mary Noble's Classic Weddings,  and Adrianne Smith Morris, Adrianne Smith Floral Design
Flowers: Adrianne Smith Floral Design
Distressed Chivari chairs: Concepts Event Design
Mini Cakes: Michele Coulon Dessertier
Custom Menu: Delphine
Photography: Rippee Photography
Location: Rancho Valencia Resort


sneak peek: packaging project



from inspiration to reality

We posted this yesterday on Designing Moms, but I thought you might like a peek, too.

The "Starlite" letterpress card is a part of our Delphine Modern Flora Collection.

From sketch (I keep a sketchbook filled with magazine clippings and sketches) to product (the card, as shot for press/promo). The card is available on our website here.

color and mood


As you have probably noticed, I love playing with color. I recently digitally printed these two samples of our Julian design in two different color combos. It's amazing how simply changing ink colors can completely change the tone of an invitation, isn't it? The top sample is printed in lilac and limonade inks; the bottom in red and cloud inks.


the hamptons: black eyed susans

I was in the Hamptons over the weekend and loved seeing all the East Coast flowers that we don't have so much on the West Coast, like these Black Eyed Susans.