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font geek moment: st. lorie

Our apricot trees are super bountiful this year, and the Mémé’s have taken to making lots and lots of jellies and jams. They keep asking me to make them some fancy labels … I think St. Lorie may be the perfect font. It reminds me a bit of French schoolgirl handwriting.


font geek moment: quanta

The studio looks like a hurricane blew through here. Multiple deadlines and last minute projects and juggling clients is wearing on me. I’m also getting ready for the NSS meetup in Brooklyn, but wanted to quickly post about the big sale on VEER. Everything is 25 percent off through June 10, 2011. As soon as things settle down I’m going to scoop up some new fonts, and QUANTA is on the list. What do you have your eye on?


font geek moment: pointy


There’s something dynamite (as in Napoleon Dynamite) about this cute and retro new font in my toolbox: POINTY. Reminds me of passing notes in class. Do kids still do that? Or is it all texting these days? 


font geek moment: ambicase modern

Font Shop, you are killing me. Dangling fabulous fonts in front of my nose via email is some sort of sick torture that you enjoy, isn’t it? I was perfectly happy not knowing that Ambicase Modern existed. Now it’s all I can think about, and poor Santa is going to have to figure out a way to wrap up a font and get it down the chimney. If I can wait that long.


font geek moment: geeoh hmk

This sweet, scripty girly font is usually not what I go for, but it has charmed me. I heart Geeoh HMK.


font geek moment: neutra display


font i love: buttermilk

While researching for a logo design I was working on earlier this year I came across the font Buttermilk. It reminds me of puffy stickers and unicorns and rainbows ... in a very (very) good way. I'll be using it in some upcoming Delphine promos.


wish list: letter 'e' vintage sign

You may have noticed I have a thing for "E"s. I know it's a bit on the narcissistic side ("E" is my nickname), but I love them. I have a collection of "E" and "e" signs in my studio and would love to add this cool one I spied on Etsy last night. It would be the largest one in my collection. I think I'd paint it Jade green, a shade just shy of emerald. I've been loving that color lately. (Okay, I've loved that color always). You can check out this vintage E sign in SalvageNation's Etsy shop.

UPDATE: SalvageNation has offered Delphine-Ephemera readers 10 percent off the puchase of the large letters like the one shown here. So you can buy me that "E." Just joking. Sort of. Read their comment below for details.


blog love: for the love of type

Yesterday I stumbled upon a lovely blog, For The Love of Type. Oh, my, WORD. Wonderful! Why yes, that is Mr Eaves XL Sans Ultra Italic  on the cupcakes. The blogess (she calls herself Mrs. Eaves, which, if you're a  nerd like me, you'll find funny). Her real name is Gemma O'Brien, and she is an Australian designer. I especially like the "typespotting" posts -- sort of a spotted in the wild sort of column. If you love type, this blog is a must read. There's a great video of Mrs. Eaves "tattooing" herself with a Sharpie on the streets of Berlin (? at least it looks like Berlin to me) on the blog. I've seen the whole type all over the body thing before (mens magazines seem to love this concept), and of course Stephen Sagmeister's famous razored type poster, but seeing Mrs. Eaves write all over herself brings it to a whole new level. Pretty amazing. I'm seriously blown away. Am I gushing too much? Take a look at the site and you'll understand why.


font love: sudestada

I found this lovely handwriting font called Sudestada while researching for a fun project we're working on here in the studio. I can't reveal the project just yet ... but it has to do with flowers.


font geek moment: worstveld sling

Yes, I'll admit it, I am a typography nut. I've been known to purchase a font that costs more than 100 dollars. But today I ran across a font called Worstveld Sling, which has seven variations, and is 100 percent free! I'm downright giddy. You can download it here at Fontspace.


font love: nelly script

I met illustrator and calligrapher Crystal Kluge of Tart Workshop at the National Stationery Show last May and was blown away by her talent. She recently released a new set of fonts, based on her calligraphy, called Nelly Script and Nelly Script Flourish. Needless to say both fonts are now at the top of my studio supply wish list.

Here is how Tart Workshop describes their font: "Nelly is a beautiful yet sensible romantic ... she’s a bit formal but not stuffy and simply adores a lovely party." Indeed, I can totally see Nelly adorning a backyard garden party invitation, or a save the date announcement for a romantic afternoon tea.


font geek moment: young finesse


Linkyoung finesse by doyald young, available at

I am loving this font (though the name reminds me of shampoo).



font geek moment: SALE


Santangeli (shown above), and ALL fonts at FONTS.COM are 25 percent off through midnight (PST) 12/11/08! Enter code: SECRET25 during checkout.



font geek moment: archer


Archer, by Hoefler & Frere-Jones, is an impossibly cool font, right? I love all the different weights, especially the thin italic and light small caps.