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summer treat: shave ice

//photos: Erika Firm

Why did nobody tell me how amazing Hawaiian shave ice is before? YUMMY. I had a chance to try it for the first time a few weeks ago at the Gravy co-working event Lori hosted at her lovely Paper & Thread studio (photos coming soon of her super adorable workspace). It was about a zillion times yummier than any other shaved ice treat I’ve had before. I am so thankful to the Gravy team for introducing me to Kam Shave Ice. I am planning a trip to Oceanside Pier so I can have more soon. See you there!



root beer kegger part 4: food and cake

Our son is turning 7 and we’re having a Root Beer Kegger! See part 1 for the inspiration; part 2 for the color palette; and part 3 for party decorations/inspiration.

No party is complete without yummy treats! Besides root beer floats, of course, I’m planning some of our son’s favorite foods: paninis, bread sticks, cupckakes, and cake. For the grown ups, I think I’ll also bust out some stinky cheese, bread and dried fruit.

Every holiday season my mom makes a Bûche de Noël. This year she promised to make it for the birthday party, as it will tie in perfectly with the theme. I’m so excited — even more than the cake, I love the meringue mushrooms that go with the yule log!

Here are some things that are inspiring me as I plan the food for the Root Beer Kegger: 1. Faux bois cake  2. Paninis  3. Meringue Mushrooms  4. Bûche de Noël  5. Yummy molten chocolate cupcakes  6. Bread sticks


candied orange peel gifts

It’s rainy and dreary outside here at the Delphine studio, but inside it’s cozy and warm as John and I package up last minute holiday gifts for friends of the studio. This year we picked oranges from the backyard and made candied orange peels. Mmmm. To make them I peeled the orange skins, blanched them, then boiled them in fresh water for an hour to soften, scraped away any remaining pith, simmered them in sugar syrup for an hour, then sanded them with sugar. Super delicious with a cup of espresso, which is how we plan on enjoying any leftovers.

I used our vintage Royal typewriter (a Christmas gift from John 11 years ago — he found it covered in dust in the corner of an antique shop in New Bern, North Carolina and restored it for me) to type labels for the packages of candied orange peel.

I was clickety-clacking so fast that John came in from the next room to tell me, “wow, you would have been a great secretary.” Humph.


I packaged the candied orange peels up in cute pale green party favor boxes I got from Michael’s a few years ago (by Martha Stewart). They are leftover from a baby shower I helped plan.

I saved about 3 cups of syrup that the oranges were simmering in. I think it would be yummy added to some sparkling water (or to a vodka martini). Any other ideas on how I can use it?

All photos by Erika Firm ©DELPHINE.


sea urchins for supper

Mom grew up on the French Riveria, and she loves to tell stories about lazy summer days at the beach. Her favorite summertime snack, she claims, is Sea Urchin. When we go to sushi restaurants she often orders just Uni. It sounds (and looks) a little gross, but it truly is delicious. So when I saw live local sea urchins at the  Rancho Santa Fe Farmers Market a few weeks ago I bought one for Mom.

She showed me how to open it up with scissors, then she ate it up with a spoon and a big smile.



logo crush: east village

I love this logo for East Village, a fab Asian diner in Encinitas, California. It's wonderful, fresh and quirky, just like the yummy food they serve. The robot's hand dots the "i." Cuuute.



packaging crush: vosges chocolate

A few weeks ago I received an extraordinary surprise: a four-tiered box of Vosges chocolate caramels from a friend. The treats could not have come at a more opportune time ... I was in the thick of a stressful warehouse move, re-organization of our studio, national stationery show prep, garage sale prep, client deadline stress, and general malaise. My family and I (and my dear friend/lucky house guest) had a wonderful evening tasting, oohing, aahing, sharing, and arguing over which flavor was the best. My favorite, hands down, was the rose-peppercorn (made with roses and pink peppercorns). Mmmm. We were all (including my 6yo son) impressed with the fabulous packaging ... more arguing ensued over who gets to keep the box. I won out and got to keep it (now in my studio, the box is filled with "boring" things like paper clips and rubber bands). Although I didn't technically buy these goodies myself, it is totally something I would buy first for the packaging, then fall in love with due to the contents.

I just discovered this gluten free page on the Vosges site and am trying to decide which to try first when I visit their chocolate shop in NYC next week. About 8 years ago my doctor told me that I have an allergy to gluten, but only recently have I started to take her advice to lay off it (and yes, I'm feeling much much better). It makes me happy to know that on days I have to pass up a warm baguette I can console myself with a truffle.



circles for supper

Look what my dad made for dinner last weekend. I'm truly surrounded by creatives : )

He was inspired by an article in Veranda magazine. Everyone loved it, including our 6 year old son.


excursion: delphine the café

I think I just discovered the perfect place to take my Mémé Delphine (my grandma and the namesake of my company) for a lovely lunch: DELPHINE at the W Hotel in Hollywood. I've already scoped out the menu and they have all my favorite French bistro fare, like croque madames and steak frites and niçoise salad. Mmmmm.


sweet holiday tradition: gingerbread

I am incredibly lucky (and thankful) to have amazing, wonderful, sweet clients. I received two emails first thing this morning telling me to push back (BACK! Not UP!!!) deadlines so that I can take some time to enjoy the holidays and be creative with my family. I am so thankful, because I really do love doing holiday crafts with my family. One tradition we have put aside in recent years is making a gingerbread house, since I'm always so busy this time of year. But this year I am compromising ... instead of baking the house from scratch I am going to buy a pre-made "blank" house and decorate it with my family. After school today we're going to the drug store to buy candies for the decorations. I love the Pez roof idea.

The photos above are Sassybeautimus's incredible work; I spotted the loveliness on the fun Gingerbread House group on Flickr.


paris + pastry = sweet life

If you love Paris and if you love pastry you must watch this slideshow by Susan Hochblaum. {thanks to Uncle Beefy for tweeting about it.}


bacon gumballs

Bacon gumballs. Yes, these are real. Crazy! My son's favorite two "foods" are bacon and gum ... I wonder if he'd like this idea.


designing mom: shinmin

I had the extreme pleasure of visiting fellow Designing Mom Shinmin at her shop, I Dream of Cake, today. I love that she sometimes brings her daughter to work with her in a sling.

It was super fun to see behind the scenes how her amazing cakes are made. And super yummy to taste them! I loved the Thai coconut flavor. Mmmmm.

Aya and Cat's kids dreaming of cake.



Our newest delphine intern, Tori, spotted these intriguing sparkling sake concoctions by Sake2me while out to dinner the other night. Packaged in sleek single-serving bottles, these exotic fruity fusions combine ingredients like Ginger Mango and Asian Pear with Junmai Sake.

Sushi, sake, and summer... what could be better?


fresh-squeezed fun

The first real weeks of warm summer weather are here and our backyard citrus trees are finally bearing some good fruit. After being scorched in the much too close for comfort California wildfires a year and a half ago we weren't sure they would ever recover.

Over the weekend we picked a basket full of limes, grapefruit and oranges and put them to good use: slices and juice for the kids, wonderful fresh cocktails for the grown-ups.

We made some of our favorite drinks with the fresh-squeezed orange juice: tequila sunrises and harvey wallbangers. Here are the recipes:




the flavors of summer

Some of my favorite flavors of the summer include fraises du bois, apricot, fresh corn, and sweet mint (juleps, mojitos, tea...). And this long stripe graphic reminds me of those absurdly good frozen ice sticks that come in a clear plastic tube. Are those still around? What's your favorite summertime flavor?