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haute off the press: sunflora greeting

Haute off the press: our new Sunflora "hello" card. It's flat printed. Cute, huh? Not shown here, but it opens up and the same pattern is in the corners of the card. I was trying to recall my grandmother Bea's patio furniture from the late 70s when I designed this. I think her furniture was goldenrod yellow, with a similar pattern. 

The card is not up on the site for sale just yet, but let me know if you want to order. Single card: $4; set of 8 cards: $16. Plus shipping.


bright & cheery christmas tags

Have you seen our limited edition goodies, like these cute snowflake tree Merry Christmas tags, in our Etsy shop? We were printing a business card job on these bright fun colors and they just screamed Christmas to me for some reason. Sometimes it's nice to switch up the old red, green, gold, silver holiday routine!


the green life: reusable snack bags

Nothing makes me feel more like a Mom than making school lunches for my son. Every time I reach for a plastic baggie I cringe a little, which is why I am putting these Plum Creek reusable snack bags on my wish list. They're made of 100 percent organic cotton twill and are washable. What a great idea! You can find them here on Abe's Market (which, by the way, has the cutest logo ever!).


new: letterpress stinky skunk 

One of our new greeting cards, Stinky Skunk is letterpressed in metallic shitake ink on apple green stock.


wish list: green lacquer box set

green lacquer box set from crate and barrel

Dear green lacquer box set. I love you! Please come live at my house.


behind the scenes: the press room

photo by delphine

I snapped this shot at the press room last night as we were printing the new Baby Animals Collection. I love these colors best of our entire palette: ciel bleu, citron green, limonade, and celadon green.


little lamb baby shower: part five (and final)

Jessica Davis has some awesome tips for shooting outdoor group photographs. Most important, she says, is to find a large, open shady spot. This will avoid squinty eyes (and will keep everyone cool). The more people you have the harder it is to make a photo look casual. She suggests using chairs to break up the group into different tiers. In addition to the large group shot, try breaking the group up into two or three smaller groups for more intimate photographs.


Okay, so I promised I'd tell you the best part of the Little Lamb Baby Shower Extravaganza. Did you guess what it is? The macarons? The cupcakes? The pomegranate vinaigrette? The Shower Shine punch? Are you ready? Well ...

... the best part of the shower was none of those things I just mentioned. It's the friendships forged, and that little peanut in Carrie's belly, whom we cannot wait to meet!

All photos by Jessica Davis Photography. Missing, and sorely missed, from photos is baker extraordinairre, Alex. We missed you!


little lamb baby shower: part four

photographs by Jessica Davis Photography

Remember when I suggested shopping your (and your friends') house before buying a thing? The little lamb was borrowed from Carrie's mom; the vine sugar bowl/flower pot is my mom's; the yellow bowls are my mom's; the clear glass vase is from our garage; the adorable birdie salt/pepper shakers are mine (from Target); the flowers are from the Carlsbad Flower Fields (and some from Costco, too); and the lemons in the floral arrangement are from our back yard lemon grove.

Carrie loves balloons, and I do love how they look in photos, so we tied a bunch to the back of her chair, at a height where they would show up as a lovely backdrop in most photos taken of her. She's holding a painting that my mom made for her.

photographs by Jessica Davis Photography

Most of these candies are from the Dollar Store. The puffy meringues are from Trader Joe's. I picked up delicious Belgium (where Carrie has been living for the past year) chocolate from Trader Joe's. Then I had to go back because I immediately ate a bar and so did my husband, and I had to replenish! I re-wrapped the chocolate bars in paper printed to match the shower. ("Ike" is the in-utero nickname she and her husband call the baby, in case you were wondering.)

In the next (part five-and-final) post in this series I'll share the very best part of the shower. Can you guess what it is?


little lamb baby shower: part three

A little trick I learned from my parents, the ultimate hosts, is to set the table the day before. So you'll remember the next day (and to make it easy for friends to help out), use sticky notes on plates to indicate where perishables should go. The green and white patterned plates shown above are from Target. I looked online, but I don't see them anymore. You may be able to find them on sale in the store.

The evening before the party my co-hosts and I got together at my house to bake the quiche and the cupcakes. It was a lot of fun. Quiche, salad, bread and cheese are a great menu for a party like this. We served the quiche room temperature, so we didn't have to worry about keeping on a strict schedule (which turned out very well, since the guest of honor was nearly an hour late). Don't be surprised if some of the guests (especially the young ones) skip the savories and head straight for the dessert table!

photo: jessica davis photography

Most of the goodies on the dessert table came from (shhhh....) the Dollar Store! Seriously. I found some great candies in bulk online, and was prepared to order them, but thought I'd try the Dollar Store first and am so glad I did. I found giant bags of lemon heads, sour straws (Carrie's favorite), green m&m's and spearmint leaves. Mmmm. The splurge on this table was the macarons (lemon and pistachio, from Paulette).

photos: jessica davis photography

Next time (part four) I'll share some details from the dessert table, and in part five I'll share the best part about the entire little lamb baby shower extravaganza!


little lamb baby shower: part two

Planning even a "small" party for fewer than 20 people involves a lot of preparation. Plan ahead to prevent a lot of stress right before the event! I started with a sketch book, as always. I pulled images from magazines and the web as inspiration and established the color scheme (green, lime, citron, and yellow, paired with dusty greyish-brown) and the theme (little lamb). {Many of the fab. party photos shown above are from Amy Atlas Events}. I sketched out ideas for the look & feel of the event, the dessert table layout, and the dining area table tops. I even planned which dishes to use and where they would go on the tables.

Most of the details I sketched made it to the final event (including macarons from Paulette, home-made drink flags & cupcake toppers, and a scrapbook binder with letters from guests to the baby).

photo: jessica davis photography

You may download a printable PDF here to make these cupcake toppers and straw flags for your own party. Just print out on full sheet label paper, trim and stick : ) I also have a sweet one-page questionairre that you can print out, distribute to guests, and then assemble in a binder for the mommy-to-be. You can download the "Dear Little Lamb" PDF here.

Coming in part three: tips on setting up.



little lamb baby shower: part one

I’ve finally started sorting through all the photos from the Little Lamb baby shower I co-hosted a few weeks ago, and will be posting them soon. Meanwhile, I thought I’d share a bit about how I planned the party.

The first thing I did was to get some help! Parties are a lot of work, so I leaned heavily on friends and my mom to help pull it all together (thanks, everyone!) First things first: we established a date, budget, general theme, and set a cap on the guest list (ours was 18). We chose a date a few months out, to give us plenty of time to plan; we all pitched in some cash at the beginning to one person (me) so that I could be in charge of buying all the décor, invites, flowers, etc. And we chose the “little lamb” theme and spring green colors because we knew that was the theme of the baby’s nursery décor.

My biggest tip for planning a little party is to shop your own home (and your friends' homes) first, before buying a single thing! Luckily Carrie's nursery décor happens to be my own favorite color, green, so I had lots of "decorations" around already.

Use your own talents, and those of your friends, to help save money. Since I'm a stationery designer I, naturally, designed the invites. My mom, who has a gift for floral arranging, offered to handle the flowers, someone else offered to do all the baking, and so on. This saved us a lot of cash!

custom invitations by delphine

While I'm a huge fan of letterpress (duh), we went with low-cost digital printing for the invites. For about the cost of just a letterpress invititation, we were able to digitally print double sided invitations, registry inserts, thank you cards for favors for guests, thank you cards for Carrie, place cards, table cards, place cards, and sticker labels.

A preview of the dessert table.

The yellow flowers arrangements are actually plants (about $5 each at Home Depot). Mom lined the inside of big glass vases with citron colored paper, and placed lemons from the back yard on top of the pots. I grouped three paper balls leftover from my son's birthday party under the chandelier (they store flat, and they were less than $3 each ... they're on their third party already!). I made the "BABY" banner with leftover cards from the invitation press run and a spool of ribbon from the dollar bin at Michael's. Instead of buying a pricey cake, we used box mix, spiced it up a bit with Alex's secret sauce, and made adorable cupcakes.

Next time I'll share more details from the baby shower, including some downloadable pdfs for straw flags and cupcake toppers. Meanwhile, if you have any questions please leave a comment.


travel: chic luggage, will travel

Adorably chic luggage by Halsea


Getting ready for the National Stationery Show has been on my mind lately. I prefer to think about the fun things, like cute luggage, my favorite restaurants, and catching up with old friends, rather than NSS details like carpet choices, printing catalogs, and booking plane tickets.

How wonderful would it be to board a plane with fabulous luggage like this ridiculously lovely green set by Halsea? No matter that the inside would be a total wreck, crammed full of receipts and dirty clothes ... I'd feel chic and pulled together toting my bags around the airport with these fun pieces of luggage on my arm.


mmmmmm ... cupcakes

photo by delphine

I'm sorting through photos from last weekend's Little Lamb baby shower (hosted at my place for my dear friend Carrie), trying to pick the best ones to share, but I can't get past the cupcake ones without my mouth watering. I love a good cupcake, but the baker of these cupcakes (Alex, you rock!) took it to a whole new level by poking holes in these freshly baked cupcakes and drizzling liquid lemon/sugar mixture into the cake, before adding the icing. W O W. I watched the guest sitting next to me at the shower (you know who you are) wolf down three. Needless to say, there are no leftovers.


little peanut: milo

original letterpress birth announcement design & photo by delphine

Congratulations Allison and Aaron on your sweet addition to the family! Next to my own son (of course) he's the cutest little peanut I've ever met.


happy colors

These colors make me happy.