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new: pennants to match delphine wedding invitations

Just released: our brand new pennant flags for drinking straws. Available only through authorized Delphine dealers. I just love how they add a punch of color to a tray of drinks.


impromptu celebration: surprise 7th birthday boys party

A few months ago my son’s (twin) friends turned seven but didn’t have a party (they had a private family weekend getaway instead). My son still wanted to celebrate his best buddies’ birthday, so he asked me if it was okay to have a surprise party after school one day. I picked up yummy cupcakes from Cupcake Love in the morning, then COMPLETELY FORGOT about the big plan. Whoops. While John went out to pick up the kids from school I dashed around the house and pulled together the party.

After they finished the cupcakes, the kids actually ate the healthy snacks I put out! 

I used markers to decorate “place mats” on kraft paper with each child’s name & a big “7,” put the cupcakes on a stand, fished some colorful striped napkins out of our party drawer, threw some stripy straws in a cup, tossed some colorful carrots and apple slices in bright bowls, and voila: instant party. The boys were TOTALLY surprised, then devoured two giant cupcakes each. 

SUPPLIES: kraft paper on a roll from our shipping department, markers, cupcake stand (my most recent cake stand purchase is a wire one from Target, which I spray painted pink), colorful stripy straws, a couple of candles, and cupcakes

TIP: Keep a drawer in your kitchen for party supplies. We keep one stocked with birthday candles, cute napkins, sprinkles for cake and cookie decorating, and doilies. One can never have too many doilies ; )


root beer kegger part 6: 7th birthday party!

Our son just turned 7 and we had a Root Beer Kegger! See part 1 for the inspiration; part 2 for the color palette; part 3 for party decorations/inspiration; part 4 for root beer kegger food ideas; and part 5 for root beer party prep.

The Root Beer Kegger was super fun! The kids got all sugared up, played Legos until the entire city was destroyed (all in good fun), ran around the house like maniacs and had a great time. Of course I did the typical party host thing, and totally forgot to take photos. Many thanks to all our guests, who picked up my camera and snapped nearly all of these shots for me!

I know it sounds a little nutso, but we made two cakes. The chocolate frosted one at left is a gluten free vanilla cake with fresh strawberry filling (several of the guests have wheat allergies); the Bûche de Noël at right is my mom’s masterpiece. She used Grand Marnier to flavor the mascarpone frosting. Delicious!



The buffet table. The big empty plate at front is where the Paninis were placed. It’s crazy, but all of these props (the wood stump boxes, the cardboard 3-d stars, the owl, the acorns, the faux moss) I already had in my collection, props from my trade show days.


Favors for the kids: I found cute glass mugs, filled them with root beer barrel candies, and also gave each kid a bottle of root beer to take home. I tied a green and white striped paper straw, with their initial on the tag. Tip when preparing candy bags for kids: make sure each bag has EXACTLY the same number of candies in each bag, or tears may ensue. Photo at right is my breakfast treat day after the party: a root beer float. I was so busy chatting at the party I forgot to make myself one!


I created these custom root beer kegger birthday party invitations, along with the matching coasters, tags, place cards, flags, cake toppers, stickers, favor bag labels, etc. Lets just say I get carried away with paper stuff. Of course I forgot to take photos of most of these things! Whoopsie!


The kids, getting a heavy dose of sugar with root beer floats, before tackling the cake.


Morning after the kegger, he had the breakfast of champions: leftover root beer from the keg, and day old cake.

Overall, it was a great party. A few problems: invites got lost in the mail, took us a while to figure out how to operate the keg (stop snickering… it’s different from the ones we had in college. I swear), and I totally forgot to take photos. But everyone had a good time, especially the birthday boy, so this root beer kegger was a smashing success!


root beer kegger part 5: party preparation

Our son is turning 7 and we’re having a Root Beer Kegger! See part 1 for the inspiration; part 2 for the color palette; part 3 for party decorations/inspiration; and part 4 for root beer kegger food ideas.

Tomorrow is the big party! Last night I freaked out a little because I realized that only people who live out of town rsvpd (no) to the party but nobody local had responded. After a few calls I found out that most locals had not received their invitations!!! I have no idea what happened, because I sent them all on the same day. I’m glad I sent email save the dates, so most everyone is able to come even though they didn’t receive invitations. 

To keep the stress level down, and to make it easy for friends and family to help set up, today I began the party preparation. 1. I made a shopping list for the food I need to pick up this afternoon   2. I pulled out all the dishes and serving bowls that match the décor and stacked them in one spot to make it easier when I start setting the buffet   3. I bought all the party favors (tiny root beer barrel candies) and will package them up for favors later tonight while I watch tv  4. I assembled the “fancy” party favors for the kids   5. I stacked up extra invitations so I can use the paper to cut up and use for display tags   6. I set out all the glasses and paper straws (I had some green and white paper straws left over from an old photo shoot!)   7. I pulled out all the fancy cheese knives   8/9. I put sticky notes on all the serving pieces I plan to use tomorrow with the name of the food item that goes on it. Then I placed everything on the table in the correct spot. This will really help out tomorrow, so I a. remember what food item goes where and b. other people can help without too much supervision. Later today I will go out to pick up the food, bake a cake, and make the goodie bags. Tomorrow I’ll just have to assemble the sandwiches, salad, put out the cheese, pick up ice and party!


root beer kegger part 4: food and cake

Our son is turning 7 and we’re having a Root Beer Kegger! See part 1 for the inspiration; part 2 for the color palette; and part 3 for party decorations/inspiration.

No party is complete without yummy treats! Besides root beer floats, of course, I’m planning some of our son’s favorite foods: paninis, bread sticks, cupckakes, and cake. For the grown ups, I think I’ll also bust out some stinky cheese, bread and dried fruit.

Every holiday season my mom makes a Bûche de Noël. This year she promised to make it for the birthday party, as it will tie in perfectly with the theme. I’m so excited — even more than the cake, I love the meringue mushrooms that go with the yule log!

Here are some things that are inspiring me as I plan the food for the Root Beer Kegger: 1. Faux bois cake  2. Paninis  3. Meringue Mushrooms  4. Bûche de Noël  5. Yummy molten chocolate cupcakes  6. Bread sticks


root beer kegger part 3: party decorations

Our son is turning 7 and we’re having a Root Beer Kegger! See part 1 for the inspiration and part 2 for the color palette.

As promised, here are some of the things that have inspired me as I pull together the plans and decorations for our son’s Root Beer Kegger.

1. The main inspiration: Virgil’s Root Beer Keg (BevMo)   2. Root Beer Barrel candies (  3. Green Balloons (EZPartyZone)  4. Root Beer Float (Dandy Dons Ice Cream)  5. Green and white striped paper straws (Emerald+Ella)  6. Cappucino brown and white bakers twine (The Twinery)   7. Green party cups (EZPartyZone)  8. Wood Grain rubber stamp   9. Custom wood grain root beer kegger kids party invitation by Delphine.


root beer kegger part 2: color

Our son’s 7th birthday party is coming up (see part 1 for the inspiration), and we’re having a Root Beer Kegger!

Here’s a little inspiration board I have pulled together as I plan the root beer kegger party. I started with the Virgil’s Root Beer Keg as the main inspiration, then came up with a color palette: dark green, root beer brown, vanilla, white; and some textures: wood grain, burlap and foam.


root beer kegger part 1: inspiration

Our little one is turning seven in a few days. I can’t believe it! Seems like just yesterday he was crawling around the studio playing with packing boxes and peanuts. Sigh.

Anyway, a birthday means a birthday party! We have a tradition of having a pretty low-key party, with just family and a few close friends. This year, I took inspiration for the party planning from two Christmas gifts. Our son bought John a keg of root beer for Christmas. By coincidence, Santa brought our son a keg as well. Soooo, we’re having a Root Beer Kegger 7th Birthday Party! Yay. Later today I’ll post some inspiration for the party décor, which is going in a wood grain, brown and green direction.


posh engagement party

I saw this dress on sale on Leifsdotter and I immediatly envisioned it as the perfect dress for a posh engagement party. Someplace with a gorgeous view. Perhaps the Market Pavillion rooftop bar in Charleston, SC? I'd pair it with a bottle of Taittinger champagne.

Images: dress from Leifsdotter; Tom Ford sunglasses from Nordstrom; navy blue leather clutch by Sidneyann on Etsy; Badgley Mischka heels from Piperlime; Lace engagement invitation by Delphine.


sneak peek: formaggio & dolce wedding

Here's the final of the three inspiration shoots I did with Adrianne Smith and Jennifer Dery last week. While the sweet pink garden tea party is, well, sweet, and the retro rockabilly tailgate party was super fun (champagne in a can! what can be better?) this Italian-inspired "Formaggio & Dolce" (cheese and sweets) shoot was hands down my favorite. From the chic, muted, tone on tone color palette to the vintage found objects to the stunning (STUNNING) cafe au lait dahlias and arrangements, to the impossibly delicious cheeses from Dolce, this "faux" party turned into a real party as soon as the sun went down. I'm so excited to share the photos, but you'll have to be patient while we wait for publication elsewhere (details to be announced on publication of all three shoots).


sneak peek: rockabilly tailgate wedding

Yesterday I shared behind the scenes shots from the "pretty in pink" bridal tea shower. Today: a Rockabilly Tailgate Wedding Reception. Some of my favorite props (besides the incredible vintage pickup) were the numbered glasses (vintage, of course, from Jennifer Price of SoLo) and my kitty, Ajax. Cannot wait to share the "real" photos from Jennifer Dery and the complete set that Adrianne Smith and I put together (... oh, and some super fun paper goods to go along with, naturally.


sneak peek: pretty pink bridal shower tea

I had the truly great pleasure of working with Adrianne (Adrianne Smith Floral Design) and Jennifer Dery (Jennifer Dery Photography) last week on THREE (!!!) inspiration shoots. I'm most known for paper design, but I also looooove to design events. Here's a peek behind the scenes at some of the props we used for the first inspiration shoot: a pretty in pink backyard garden bridal shower tea (phew ...). Yes, we corked those bottles and drank them to celebrate once the shoot was complete!


blog love: the sweetest occasion

Congratulations to my sweet friend, Cyd, on the launch of her beautiful (and wonderfully inspiring) new blog: The Sweetest Occasion. Cyd loves parties! She has dedicated her blog to all the special occasions that make life so sweet. (Translation: weddings aren't the only parties in town). I encourage everyone to visit her blog and welcome Cyd to the blogosphere!


wish list: party jewels

All of a sudden my social calendar is full of cocktail parties! Yay! But what to wear??? On my wish list now: these three lovely party jewels. The Banana Republic multi-strand silver necklace with a leaf detail would be a great layering piece (and it's on sale!). You can't beat Forever21's awesome prices. This cool twisted necklace is only $11 and the darling turquoise bead chandelier earrings are even less!


monday morning mimosas and sample sale setup

We had so much fun setting up for Monday Morning Mimosas. Thanks a million to all the rock stars to helped out especially Bobbi, who was a sport and decorated the whole place while wearing her cowboy boots!