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prop closet: tickets

 I picked up these three rolls of 25 cent tickets (the green ones are my favorite) at the local grocery store because I knew someday I’d use them in a photoshoot. I left them in my studio for a few months, and when the sun faded them to the perfect patina I finally was inspired to use them as props for our new Candy Shop wedding invitation. 

One of our newest wedding invitation designs, Candy Shop, is available in stores now. It’s shown here letterpressed in peacock and gray inks. 

//photos Erika Firm


rainbow matchbox cars

//photos: Beatrice Firm

Let’s just say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Styling by my 7yo son. 


behind the scenes: wedding invitation photo shoot

I spent nearly all day last Friday prepping for Saturday morning’s wedding invitation photo shoot. The light is best in our home kitchen (we love to shoot in natural light), so we have to transport everything from the studio on boards.

Unfortunately, we had a very rare rainy day on Saturday, so the light wasn’t that great. We had to pull in lights to get the shoot finished. Normally, we’d just postpone the shoot, but our friend Adrianne Smith delivered some amazing flowers and special boutonnieres, and we wanted to use them before they wilted away. 

Here are a couple of quick peeks. I’m still sifting through the hundreds of photos to find the handful that will end up on our website.Our WONDERLAND invitation, shown flat printed in a truly classic black and pink wedding invitation color combo. Adrianne made a beautiful classic white anemone boutonniere for us, and I think they complement each other perfectly.

Our PACIFIC BEACH invitation, shown flat printed in one of my all time favorite color combinations for wedding invitations: yellow and gray. Adrianne made a charming yellow feverfew boutonniere for us. Isn’t it darling? I love boutonnieres. I tried to convince John to wear it around the house after the shoot was complete, but he said it didn’t go with his holey sweatshirt.


from the prop closet: travel souvenirs

Using souvenirs from my travels in photo shoots gives me a legitimate reason to save ephemera from my trips. The M button is from a visit to the Met in NYC last spring after the National Stationery Show.

Photo ©Delphine



from the prop closet: vintage keys and stamps

Three of my favorite things to use in photos when I’m staging invitation shoots: vintage stamps, vintage keys, and silk flowers. All in one photo! The vintage stamps are from my personal collection — I’ve picked some up during my travels abroad, and recently I picked up a few packages at Anthropologie; the keys are from my personal collection and from Classic Bride’s vintage shop; the faux flowers I picked up at a local floral supply shop.

Photo ©Delphine


2011 desk calendar by delphine

As promised earlier, here are some final shots of our new Delphine 2011 Desk Calendar. Photo styling by Delphine intern Caleb Jones and the Delphine team. Photos by Delphine intern Courtney Yee and the Delphine team.


I hope you like the calendar! If you love it please buy one ; ) You may purchase it here. What’s your favorite month?


sneak peek: 2011 calendar photo shoot

Today I'm going to let you peek behind the curtain to see how a seemingly casual, effortless photo like the one above actually comes together. It's a looong process. First, we do some brainstorming about the story we'd like the photos to tell. Delphine intern Caleb Jones came up with the idea that the calendar photos would be the story of one person's desk throughout the year. The calendar, pen box and cute birdie prop would stay in the same place each month, but all the goodies around it would reflect how a person's desk, and life, changes from month to month.

The second step was to start pulling props from our giant collection of ephemera. A step I call:

It looks like a giant mess, but truly we have a plan!


Next, we create a tray for each photo, dividing up props for each month's photo. We throw everything we can think of that would go with the month's image. 

Then the exciting part: we prop a month and look through the lens. Then we edit, edit, edit ... taking away lots of distractions so the star of the photo, the calendar, can shine.


Invariably, our toughest critic comes by to check out the scene and give the final Meow approval.

I hope you like our new 2011 desk calendar! I'll post a few more final photos later today.


behind the scenes: photo shoot peek

I spent some time over the weekend wrapping up a big photo shoot here at the Delphine abode for our new 2011 desk calendars. So far more than 600 photos have been taken. Trying to narrow it down to just 12 is going to be difficult, to say the least.

photo: ©Delphine