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prop closet: tickets

 I picked up these three rolls of 25 cent tickets (the green ones are my favorite) at the local grocery store because I knew someday I’d use them in a photoshoot. I left them in my studio for a few months, and when the sun faded them to the perfect patina I finally was inspired to use them as props for our new Candy Shop wedding invitation. 

One of our newest wedding invitation designs, Candy Shop, is available in stores now. It’s shown here letterpressed in peacock and gray inks. 

//photos Erika Firm


rainbow matchbox cars

//photos: Beatrice Firm

Let’s just say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Styling by my 7yo son. 


from the prop closet: travel souvenirs

Using souvenirs from my travels in photo shoots gives me a legitimate reason to save ephemera from my trips. The M button is from a visit to the Met in NYC last spring after the National Stationery Show.

Photo ©Delphine



from the prop closet: vintage keys and stamps

Three of my favorite things to use in photos when I’m staging invitation shoots: vintage stamps, vintage keys, and silk flowers. All in one photo! The vintage stamps are from my personal collection — I’ve picked some up during my travels abroad, and recently I picked up a few packages at Anthropologie; the keys are from my personal collection and from Classic Bride’s vintage shop; the faux flowers I picked up at a local floral supply shop.

Photo ©Delphine


from the prop closet: birds and stamps

Here's a little behind the scenes peek at a photo shoot we're working on for the website. As you can see, I save lots of bits of ephemera, like the pretty foreign stamps that friends and family have sent me. The pretty tin bird ornament I picked up at SoLo.

Photo by Courtney Yee for Delphine.


from the prop closet

Another behind the scenes peek at a photo shoot. This one uses one of my favorite props: rolls of stamps. I have always been fascinated by state flags and I just adore these stamps.

Photo: delphine


from the prop closet

Another behind the scenes sneak peek at a photo shoot we're working on. We found the blue feather in the studio after a traumatized bird was carried in by our cat. I picked up the French change tray at Anthropologie a while back.

photo: delphine


from the prop closet

A little behind the scenes sneak peek at a photo shoot we're working on. I love my star confetti and foil bird props.

photo: Delphine


from the prop closet

Just a few little trinkets from our prop closet: a sweet peach and yellow butterfly, a darling mini guava teapot, and a few rolls from my growing japanese washi masking tape. I love the green and white stripe tape, of course.


vintage treasure: cb vintage shop

Vintage treasures are one of my weak spots (along with chocolate chip cookies, crepes and kittens). Sarah Darcy (of Classic Bride fame) recently launched a darling shop full of vintage goodies. I'm particularly smitten with this cupid's arrow brooch, which reminds me of my all time favorite book, The Age of Innocence (by Edith Wharton, in which Newland Archer gives his bride to be, May Wellend, a diamond tipped brooch after she wins an archery contest).

More goodies from CB Vintage: I can't get enough of vintage keys! When I was in Brooklyn this Spring I saw lots (LOTS) of hipsters wearing vintage skeleton keys around their necks. Besides looking trés chic, Sarah explains that the keys symbolize the doors of opportunity and success! And oh, vintage globes. I have a new one in my son's play room and he and I have a lot of fun spinning it and looking up facts about the spots we "land" on with our fingers. A vintage one would be a super prop at a wedding, especially for an international couple. How fun for guests to point out to each other where they are from?!?

More treasures. Can't you see that vintage trophy at a seaside affair, on the bar, perhaps? Tres yacht club chic, daaahling. And I am dying to get my hands on the groovy Biology book. I love love love the graphics on the cover!

PSSSSST ... Sarah is moving to Europe soon. To prepare, everything in the shop is 50 percent off! For real! So if you see something you love snatch it up before it's too late (after June 30 everything is coming down until she returns to the States).

Just a reminder ... you may click on any photo in our blog to get a bigger/better view.



to do list: frightening

This is just part of my to do list today. I'm feeling a little anxious. The light is just about ready in the sunniest room of the house, so I'm off to shoot the new greeting card collection. Here are some of the props I'll be using:

photo: Delphine


haute off the press: custom monograms

Haute off the press: custom monograms. Pick your favorite letter, ink color, and envelope and we'll print it up for you in no time. Check out the personal stationery custom monogram notes  ... and our brand new monogram wedding invitation design here.


behind the scenes: styling a photo shoot

Don't you just love these colors? Alicia and Jeffrey picked a bright, bold color combo—red and robin's egg blue—for their Meeting Street wedding invitations. I think their guests know they are in for a fun party.

We're working on a website update and part of it is a bunch of new photos. One of the most fun parts of my job is styling the invitation photos for our website. I get a lot of questions about how I do this, so I thought I'd share a few of my sources.

I really believe in looking within the studio first, before going out to buy something special for a shoot. Open your cabinets and drawers and dig deep -- you'll find interesting goodies, I promise. When I'm out shopping I always check the clearance aisles and dollar bins. I've found the loveliest props for photo shoots there, and I don't think I've ever spent more than $5 on something I bought specifically as a photo shoot prop.

Anyway, here are a few details from a recent shoot, along with the sources for all the props.

1. Monogram personal stationery: Mini binder from Russell+Hazel; rubber bands, Sharpies, markers & pens from deep in the drawers in our studio; John's USMC mug; a packet of Splenda from a coffee shop; Beemans gum -- I picked this up at the local grocery store over the holidays because I thought it would make a cute prop some day.

2. Kent personal stationery: custom rubber stamp from our very first Monday Morning Mimosas event; a pink eraser from the sale bin during Back To School days at Target (my favorite time of the year ... I just stand there in the school supply section and soak it all in); and mini sticky notes from Russell+Hazel.

3. Arizona cactus wedding invitation: green binder clip from Staples; vintage stamps -- I picked most of my collection of vintage stamps up at a flea market in Paris.

4. Chrysanthemums wedding invitation: turquoise necklace my mom made for me; MOR lip glosses from Dreamy; butterfly from Shinoda; fruit stamps from my collection.

5: Robin wedding invitation: thread, thimble and sewing supplies from Mémé Delphine's sewing kit. The pencil is also hers -- it's probably older than me!

6. Ava wedding invitation: drink ticket from last year's Y Conference; stamp from my personal collection.

7. Ava save the date: stamps from my personal collection; match box from the Delphine for For Your Party collection; cute 2 franc plate from the sale room at Anthropologie.

8. Meeting Street wedding invitation: bakers twine from Etsy (sorry! I don't remember which shop); a red binder clip; markers; Stella Artois mint tin from a Riveria party goodie bag many years ago; peanuts from the grocery store; the red pastic "key" came as part of the packaging with a key cover I got for Christmas.


weekend craftiness

Don't you love these buttons? I have never been able to throw a button away ... and sometimes I even buy them for no reason whatsoever other than that I like the color. I used these in our recent photo shoot (photo by Vallentyne Photography).

What weekend craftiness are you up to? I am hoping to break out the glitter for my first christmas project of the year!



behind the scenes: photo shoot props

Just a few of the small props from the studio that we use to style our photo shoots. I try to separate them by color. Can't wait to show you the new photos next week!


Meanwhile, here's a preview of one of our newest letterpress (also available digitally printed) wedding invitation suites, Arizona Cactus.