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backyard flower arrangements

// photos: Erika Firm

A few floral arrangements my mom made for the house this week. Top: purple artichoke blooms from the neighborhood. Middle: roses from Mémé Delphine’s rose garden. Bottom: arrangement of roses, mimosa, tea roses and various backyard blooms. I love summer flower arrangements.


color palette: wild purple artichoke flowers

// photo: Erika Firm

Last weekend my family went on an adventure to gather wild artichoke blooms. We snipped an entire wagonload of the wild purple artichoke flowers, and I just love the color palette. Leave it up to Mother Nature to take my least favorite color, purple, and make it look fabulous. Who knew that mixing shades of purple, from lilac to deep aubergine, pairing it with artichoke green would be so beautiful? I’d love to see an interior designer take this palette and apply it to a dramatic dining room. It’s hard to show on screen, but the purple of the soft flowers is super bright—almost fluorescent. Bumblebees love them (spot one in the photo!). Mom is working on some arrangements using the blooms and I’ll share them with you soon. 


behind the scenes: carlsbad wholesale flower market with adrianne smith

Last Friday I took the day off to help my friend—and favorite florist—Adrianne Smith, prepare for one of her craziest days of the year: Valentine’s Day. We started off bright and early at the Carlsbad International Floral Trade Center, where Adrianne took me on a quick tour of the facility. It was bustling with energy and excitement, and many of the vendors we chatted with had been awake for more than 24 hours straight getting ready for this busy day.

Adrianne pre-ordered most of her supplies, so they were ready at various vendors’ stalls for us to wheel out to the car when we were finished with our tour.

Guess how many flowers we fit in Adrianne’s car? Well, I don’t know exactly, but I do know that if we had picked up one more bunch I may have had to walk home. I even carried some on my lap and A had some shoved between the seats. When we got back to her studio it took three of us about two hours just to unload the car and process all the stems.

I learned so much about the floral industry hanging out with A. Did you know that “fillers” and greenery can cost as much, if not more, than many flowers? She even taught me a few secrets to making a beautiful (and lasting) arrangement: soak floral foam before you cut it; trim stems on an angle; tulips will continue to grow after they are cut, so cut them shorter than the rest of an arrangement; design from the edges in to the center; texture is the key to an interesting bouquet; add water every day so the foam doesn’t dry out.

Isn’t it amazing how buckets of flowers, big sticks, bits of mossy goodness and bunches of wild greens can be transformed into stunning arrangements like this one? It still seems like magic to me, even after spending a day in the studio and watching the process first hand.

I’m in awe of this lady. Thank you, Adrianne, for letting me peek into your world for a day.

Photos by Erika Firm; Floral designs by Adrianne Smith Floral Design


haute off the press: chrysanthemums in aubergine

The leading color trend for 2010 wedding invitations here at the Delphine studio was aubergine purple. About half of the invitation orders we processed this year used some shade of purple. In design trends, our CHRYSANTHEMUMS design was one of the most popular designs this year. Normally I’m not much of a purple-lover, but I really do love the way this aubergine and crocus Chrysanthemums wedding invitation turned out.


congrats patricia & gill

Congrats to sweet Patricia and husband Gill; they were married this past weekend in a darling chateaux just outside Brussels. I am sooooo excited and happy for you two. Cannot wait to hear all about it (truly I am so sorry to have missed this epic day).

I've known Patricia since she was a little girl, so it was no surprise to me when she told me her wedding colors are aubergine and champagne. I seem to remember a lot of sparkly purple nail polish when she was a tot ; )

We letterpressed all of Patricia and Gill's stationery in aubergine and champagne inks; the design was custom, but look out for a similar design to come to the Delphine line later this summer.

Congrats again, you two. Send photos when you can, and please tell me you have your dad's speach recorded because I cannot wait to hear it!


packaging crush: vosges chocolate

A few weeks ago I received an extraordinary surprise: a four-tiered box of Vosges chocolate caramels from a friend. The treats could not have come at a more opportune time ... I was in the thick of a stressful warehouse move, re-organization of our studio, national stationery show prep, garage sale prep, client deadline stress, and general malaise. My family and I (and my dear friend/lucky house guest) had a wonderful evening tasting, oohing, aahing, sharing, and arguing over which flavor was the best. My favorite, hands down, was the rose-peppercorn (made with roses and pink peppercorns). Mmmm. We were all (including my 6yo son) impressed with the fabulous packaging ... more arguing ensued over who gets to keep the box. I won out and got to keep it (now in my studio, the box is filled with "boring" things like paper clips and rubber bands). Although I didn't technically buy these goodies myself, it is totally something I would buy first for the packaging, then fall in love with due to the contents.

I just discovered this gluten free page on the Vosges site and am trying to decide which to try first when I visit their chocolate shop in NYC next week. About 8 years ago my doctor told me that I have an allergy to gluten, but only recently have I started to take her advice to lay off it (and yes, I'm feeling much much better). It makes me happy to know that on days I have to pass up a warm baguette I can console myself with a truffle.



color palette: aubergine dream

The purple/dull metallics and neutrals color palette is one my wedding invitation clients have been loving lately. I like to call it "Aubergine Dream."

Top row, l to r: Amelia wedding gown by Vera Wang; cardigan by Leifsdottir; eggplant photo by La Tartine Gourmande (photo from La Tartine Gourmande's Flickr stream) --- Bottom row, l to r: Capri rings by Pomellato; Roman Capital from Restoration Hardware; Lilac lustre water glass from Target; Plum Magnolia gown by Vera Wang.

reminder: you can make any image larger by clicking on it.



haute off the press: chyrsanthemums invitation

Haute off the press: our new chrysanthemums invitation design. Click to see the chrysanthemum invitation letterpress version [or here to see the digital flat printed version]. As always, you can pick your favorite fonts, ink colors, papers, envelopes and preview your order right on our delphine website. The chrysanthemums save the date shown above is letterpressed in aubergine ink on 100 percent cotton paper.

photo by Vallentyne Photography


real event: tessa's quinceanera

Here's a preview of a new design: Tessa. We created it for our dear friend's daughter in honor of her quinceanera. When Tessa told me she wanted crocus, celadon and lilac inks together I will admit I was a bit skeptical. But the 15 year old was right: it's a super pretty color combo!


purple loveliness

photo by erika

The flowers in Rancho Santa Fe astound me. Hope y'all have a lovely and get a chance to breathe in some fresh air.


plum desires

plum necklace by Dinosaur Toes on ETSY; plum shoes by Lela Rose for Payless

Plum is such a rich color, isn't it? It can be a little Dynasty when done wrong, but I like the modern take on these goodies with the frayed edges. The necklace reminds me of a crocus. The shoes would look fab with a suit, worn at a Junior League committee meeting ... or equally chic with dark jeans and a black cbgb tshirt. And guess what ... you can have both for under $55.


inspiration: neighborhood flowers

photos by delphine

Sometimes inspiration is in your own backyard. I took these photos in my neighborhood last week. The hot pink, lilac, violet and mimosa will show up in the upcoming delphine collection of floral letterpress note cards.


client we heart: here comes the bride

Yesterday afternoon I visited Here Comes The Bride in their new location (Mission Valley, right near downtown San Diego, California). I love the new store! They went with a lilac and deep plum theme for the décor, to match the new logo and business cards we designed for them. So pretty! I also spotted, among the sea of white and ivory gowns, a pretty blue wedding gown. What do you think about blue for a bridal gown?


trend: violet

creme de violette -- violet liqueur

Discovered this holiday season: Créme de Violette Violet Liqueur. Delicious straight up or in a chilly vodka martini. Almost too good to be true! I also like this wildflower wine made by J. Lohr, which tastes of violets. Violet is a pretty every day/regular flavor in France; when I was a kid my favorite gum flavors were violet, cassis, and licorice -- none of which I have ever seen in the US. Why are there no violet candies in the US, yet we're plagued with a plethora of disgusting watermelon flavored candies? I'm just sayin...


logo design: here comes the bride

gown by Rosa Clara at Here Comes The Bride; logo and letterpress cards by delphine

Here Comes The Bride celebrated their move to a new location by changing their logo colors from earthy green to their new favorite color: violet. So chic and lovely, yes? Normally I would say that changing your branded logo colors is a big mistake, but in this case I think the new color is more representative of the whole bridal vibe and was the best choice for them.