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even more notes from the AIGA Y16 conference

Last weekend I geeked out with fellow graphic designers at the 16th annual AIGA Y Conference in San Diego. Here are some more notes I took during Raphael Grignani,  Lab Partners and Frank Chimero’s speeches.


more notes from the AIGA Y16 Conference

Last weekend I geeked out with fellow graphic designers at the 16th annual AIGA Y Conference in San Diego. Here are some notes I jotted down during Brian Boyl and Jen Bilik’s speeches. 


notes from the AIGA Y16 conference

Last weekend I geeked out with fellow graphic designers at the 16th annual AIGA Y Conference in San Diego. This week I’ll share some notes I jotted down in my trusty notebook. These are from Aaron Draplin of Draplin Design Co.


bookshelf: often wrong, never in doubt, by donny deutsch

For the past few days I've been reading adman (and maybe one day NYC mayor) Donny Deutsch's book, "Often Wrong, Never in Doubt." Not that it's a surprise (you have seen his fantastic CNBC show, The Big Idea, right?), but the book is stellar. Every chapter I find myself learning something, nodding in agreement, annoying John by reading something aloud. So many things in the book are quotable, but a few I just read are really sticking with me

On putting clients first: "'What would I do if this was my business?' How going over to the other side will better your own bottom line."

And on fear: "You can't be crippled by the fear of failure; that truly is in the definition of not succeeding. If you do nothing, your failure is guaranteed."

And one more, because I can't resist: on women and "The doctrine of female superiority": "Women are superior beings. It's that simple. Give me a choice between a woman and a man with the same talents, I'll take the woman every time."

On it's face, this book is about a simple question: "Why not me." But it's really about going beyond believing in yourself, and doing something about it. It's about action. It's also about the crazy ad world (the behind the scenes insight is entertaining and enlightening, to say the least). It's about how to be a great boss. How to deal with clients. How to deal, period. It's about facing fear, not backing down, being bold. Being authentic. Yes, it's inspiring, but beyod that, it's motivating. It's a call to action. Oh yes, and it's about branding, too. I highly recommend this book to anyone in business, not just creative types.

By the way, sorry, Donny, that your face is covered up by a sticker ... silly librarian. What were you thinking?


branding: anthro's key to success

top photo by Delphine. just a reminder: you can click on most any image on this blog and it will enlarge in a new screen.

A friend of mine works for Anthropologie, in the visual merchandising department in NYC, where the design concepts are worked out for all the stores. When I was in NYC a few weeks ago she was describing the new windows that she had just finished working on, involving recycled water bottles repurposed into flower displays. A few days ago I visited "my" Anthropologie to see if the new windows were up yet, and the team had just finished installation. I took the photo above for her to show her how "my" local Anthro (in Carlsbad, California) applied the design she worked on to their windows. Each store has its own visual merchadising team, which works from corporate directives, but each team is able to interpret the "orders" in their own way.

It got me wondering ... are there other photos of Anthroplogie windows online? Ummm hello! More than 50,000 results for the image search "anthropologie window display." W O W. Most of these photos are photos like mine: fans who love the windows and then post them on our blogs. That is amazing, is it not? It's such an amazing success story of how branding and visual merchandising connect with buyers.

I visited Anthropologie's corporate website (URBAN Outfitters Inc) and found right on page one, the key to their success:

"Our established ability to understand our customers
and connect with them on an emotional level is the
reason for our success."
~ Urban Outfitters Inc.

This company gets it. I cannot wait to see what they come up with next.



quoted: marketing + business

I read Tribes, by Seth Godin while I was in New York for NYIGF. It was the perfect book to read while attending a gift show. While on the surface the book is about leadership, it's full of lots of super insights on marketing. The overarching themes I took away from the book are that it's okay to question the status quo ("be a heretic") and that change & innovation are keys to success.

I have to return my copy to the library, but I'm already planning a visit to my local bookshop to pick up my very own copy.


quoted: design + business

QUOTED is a new column that I'll be posting from time to time, with quotes from business and graphic design books I've read.

I'm reading "The Game Changer," by A. G. Lafley and Ram Charan. It's an insider's look at innovation can drive growth (Lafley is the chariman and ceo of Procter & Gamble; Charan is a leading business consultant). I particularly identified with the quote (above) about design. Just a few days ago I updated my portfolio and wrote that a major goal of good design is to create an experience. I was thinking particularly about design as it relates to branding retail stores, and I think that Lafley's statement is exactly what I was trying to describe.

How would you define good design?