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Types Of Distance Measuring Devices

A distance meter is a specialized distance measuring device, which contributes to shortening and increasing the accuracy of the measurement work. So which type of rangefinder includes? In the following article, we will learn together about the types of popular distance measuring devices today.

Measure the distance with a laser

Laser measuring tool, also known as laser meter, it is a specialized machine for measuring the length, versatile distance, based on the principle of reflection of the laser.

At the position selected by the user as the first landmark, after pressing the measuring button, the transmitter of the electronic rangefinder will emit a laser, measuring the distance from the selected marker to the location where the laser is encountered barrier. Then, the receiver and display the results on the screen as parameters with meters (m), feet (ft), yards (yd), … depending on the user’s settings. With the advantages and popularity of them on the market today, the best laser measuring tools are always sought by many people.

Measure the distance with automatic level surveying

What is the electronic level surveying?

An automatic level surveying is a device used to measure the difference in elevation between points on the ground by a high geometric measurement method. The accuracy of the camera depends mainly on the sharpness of the long stabilizer tube and the magnification of the lens.

Main feature

This machine was born to set physical height values, make the latitude lines for the terrain to be determined, or to calculate the difference in height between the ground and terrain.

  • Determine the pitch of a location

The high-transmission method is also used to apply geodetic problems that require high accuracy, such as guiding the leveling line from the origin points to the base of the project or using the settlement monitoring works. There are many geodetic applications thanks to this high measurement method, called geometric elevation.

  • Measure the distance from the machine to the mia

With the precision cross-stitch system, we can determine the distance from the engine to the mia position with centimeters accuracy. Automatic level surveying measures the length with a cross-screen.

  • Protractors

This angle measurement result is often taken as a preliminary direction to determine the course more accessible for the measuring person. The accuracy of angle measurement results with this geodetic device is 30″.

Field of use

Automatic level surveying is widely applied in the construction of elevation grids of geodesy, cadastral, or in high altitude transmission. Also, it is used in point-height communication, leveling in development, monitoring settlement of works, measurement in construction of workshops, roads, elevation for measuring, and drawing mapping.

Measure the machine with a theodolite

What is Theodolite?

Theodolite is a device used to measure the horizontal and vertical angles in space, paired by a mechanical, optical unit. It can measure by angle, vertical angle according to the accuracy can reach a second (perspective).

Common types of machines

Theodolite currently divided into two categories: theodolite mechanical and electronic theodolite.

  • Theodolite is a technology that is purely mechanical and geometric. The measurement results from the optical theodolite are displayed through a system of prisms and lenses to project the angle of measurement onto the eye area.
  • An electronic theodolite is a machine developed from theodolite. The photoelectric theodolite still performs the functions of a mechanical theodolite. The other part is an electronic device that allows the measurement readings to be displayed on the LCD screen instead of being read directly.

Main feature

  • Image function: When shooting, the camera will connect automatically with geotagging, screenshots, movies, and full-screen movies with 2X and 4X digital zoom capabilities.
  • Map: It helps you see the current position on the map. You can also share map markers with other app users via SMS / text and email.
  • Follow your team: It allows you to share your location with 20 people on your epic map.
  • Other features: There are many features such as corner reference mode, login data, and email export KML file. The screen displays percent layers, optical rangefinder, and color lens filters to improve when used in dark conditions and maintain night vision.

Application areas

Machines are used to measure angles and distances, elevations in construction works, field surveys, coordinate network systems. Besides, the device is used in surveying works, measuring topographic forms to determine the size, shape, and verticality of the works, applications for industries such as construction, civil engineering, bridges, street, …

Theodolite app is also great for outdoor sports, hiking, boating, hunting, golf, sightseeing, photography, and navigation.

Geologists, architects, engineers, military personnel, competitive sports, and search and rescue workers are subject to theodolite.

Measure the distance with the total station

What is the total station?

The total station is a versatile electronic, optical device used for surveying and building construction. The entire station is an electronic theodolite integrated with electronic distance measurement (EDM), to read the distance between two peaks (machine standpoint and other points to be measured).

Common types of machines

Depending on the purpose and scale of the project, we can choose the appropriate total station.

Main feature

It includes two main elements:

  • Measure and record data: Vertical angle, horizontal angle, and distance of inclination
  • Calculation: Horizontal distance, vertical distance, the azimuth of the road, point coordinates, area, and layout of points.

Application areas

  • This device is used in cadastral measurement, topographic surveying, in civil construction such as high-rise buildings, bridges, and roads.
  • It is used to measure topographic maps and export to different data file formats such as CAD files for easy management on electronic systems
  • The machine is commonly used in construction works today as point layout works (transferring point coordinates from design to field).

In conclusion

Above is the necessary information about the laser measuring tool, automatic level surveying, total station, and theodolite. Hopefully, through the article, you will get more useful information about these devices.

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